Hello, readers!

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve been a linux user for about 9 years now, but maybe half of that was active use, mostly debian based distros and I’ve seen a lot of things that that can go wrong over time.

My first distro was Ubuntu 7.04. It was th easiest to install and most user friendly in my opinion. And i loved gnome environment, it was a really easy to use for the first time linux user. Ubuntu was the great experience but after a lot of distribution upgrades, it was eventually making more and more problems with all kinds of stuff from simple to more advanced. Literally all, from simple scrollbar to kernel related issues.

It was really annoying to fix problems almost every time after distribution upgrade so I thought that it’s time for some more stable linux distro. Since I like Gnome environment and debian based distributions, I’ve decided to install Debian linux.

That was a simple task until I found that my optical drive isn’t functioning normal and it won’t read DVD properly. So, I decided to go with USB Flash live installation. First time, installation stalled on the beggining. Second time, installation failed during copying files. Then I thought “Third time is a charm”, so I run installation, but decided to go with regular shell installation which is really easy. Installation finished and I could finally run Debian.

Almost everything started great but there are no drivers for my ATI card so, Gnome 3 couldn’t start. You can find tutorial how to install AMD/ATI Catalyst drivers article below.

AMD/ATI Proprietary

I have gone through all of these tutorials and they worked for me. I created this site as a manual for my future installations and thought that it could be useful for someone who is new to linux since there are a lot of things that are interesting for the beginner and for a little advanced who wants to use it for local/remote server and stuff like that so I decided to launch it online.

You are free to comment to whatever you want or post a question and I’ll try to answer.

Best of luck using your linux!