Android Lollipop: Show Hidden Content on Lock Screen

If you are using a phone with Android Lollipop, you may noticed that when you receive SMS on your lock screen there is a message with this note:

Hidden Content

It can also be any other notification, Play Store for an example not only for SMS notifications.

That is the new feature on Android which can protect sensitive informations to be shown on your lock screen if you’ve protected it with a password.

If you don’t want to hide that, you can easily check option which will display it.

Note: Phone used in this tutorial is Samsung Galaxy S5 but it should be the same on any other Android Lollipop device


Show Hidden Content on Lock Screen

Go to Applications menu

Choose Settings

Then scroll until you see Sounds and notifications

Settings Menu

Find Notification section

Open While locked option

Sounds and notifications

Now choose Show All Content option from the list


Thats it!

Now, when you get a new notification, its content will be displayed on lock screen.


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