Debian 7 Wheezy: Unable to delete file with Delete button

You may experienced this situation when you first time installed Debian. By default, moving to trash keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Del.

If you’re not used to that there is a way to change that to Del key.

If that doesn’t bother you or you used that combination before, you can leave it like that.


Go to:

Applications > System Tools

and select dconf Editor

When it opens, navigate to:

org > gnome > desktop > interface

Now you should check option:


Note: Leave dconf Editor open

Open nautilus and make some file.

Click on that file to select it.

Now you need to choose Edit option in Nautilus

Hover Move to trash and press Delete key twice to change shortcut.

Uncheck can-change-accels in dconf Editor and exit.


Test if everything works, make a file and try to press Del key on your keyboard. If all works well, file should be moved to Trash.

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