Install PhpStorm IDE on Linux

PhpStorm is a commercial, cross-platform IDE for PHP and it is written on Java.

It provides editor for PHP, HTML and JavaScript

Some of the features of PhpStorm are:

  • Smart code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Extended code formatting configuration
  • On-the-fly error checking
  • Code folding
  • Language Features Support

As I said before, it is a commercial so you need to pay if you want to use it.

There is 30-days evaluation period which you can activate on installation.

Lets proceed to installation.

1. Download PhpStorm

Open Terminal and type this:

Note: This may take some time


2b. Unpack PhpStorm

To unpack it, use:


2b. Rename directory if you want

Unpacking archive will give you directory with name:

You can use mv to change its name:

If you don’t want to rename it, proceed to the next step.


3. Installation

Navigate to your PhpStorm directory and go to bin folder.

Type this in Terminal if you followed instruction from above:

And run

Note: This will launch PhpStorm installation


Choose 30-Days evaluation or License key if you have it.

Follow installer and thats it, your PhpStorm will be installed shortly.



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  1. Stas says:

    I prefer to use Codelobster IDE on Linux:

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