Install Simple MVC Framework

Simple MVC Framework is a PHP 5.3 MVC Framework. It’s designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with PHP.

The base framework comes with a few helper classes, this is to keep code bloat down to a minimum. Classes can easily be added at any stage of development.

Simple MVC Official website:

Lets start with the installation.

For this framework to work, you need:

  1. Apache or other web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  2. PHP 5.3 or greater

If you don’t have these, you can check out our tutorial:

Install LAMP

1. Download the framework

Open Terminal and go to:

cd /var/www

Download the framework:


2. Unzip the framework


You can rename directory with:

mv v2-master simplemvc

Note: This will rename it to simplemvc

3. Set up your routes in index.php

Go to simplemvc directory:

cd ./simplemvc

And open index.php with your editor:

nano index.php

4. Configure the framework

Find config.example.php file, it is located under app/core/

cd ./app/core
nano config.example.php
  • Set your base URL.
  • Set your database credentials if you are using database.
  • Set the default theme.

Rename config.example.php to config.php

mv config.example.php config.php

5. Edit .htaccess file

If you installed Simple MVC Framework in a folder, you need to change base path in .htaccess

cd /var/www/simplemvc

And edit file:

nano .htaccess

Change base path to:


Note: Only do this if you installed the framework in the separate folder, if you installed it in the root folder, you can leave .htaccess file unchanged.

Thats it, Simple MVC Framework is now installed!

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