Install Webmin on Debian

(Current version 1.730)

Webmin is a software for managing remote server.
It has a lot of modules which can be included and it can be used for almost everything.

1. Download Webmin

Type this in your terminal to download Webmin from official website:


2a. Install:

To install it, run this:

sudo dpkg --install webmin_1.730_all.deb

Note: you must be in the same directory where you downloaded Webmin

When its done, Webmin will be located in /usr/share/webmin

If all goes well, skip the step 2b

2b. Install missing dependencies

If you get error that you have some missing dependencies, you can install them with:

apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl apt-show-versions python

After that, run:

sudo apt-get -f install

This will fix all errors during the installation

3. Accessing Webmin

You can access Webmin on:


or over the external IP address if you are accessing from another network.

10000 is the default port for webmin and can be changed in the configuration.

Note: Make sure you use https:// to secure your connection

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