Installing Adobe Flash Player on Iceweasel

Recently, notification popped up in my browser and said that my flash player was outdated and I should update it. If this happen to you, you can find instructions below.

Go to Adobe Flash player download page:

Download .tar.gz package.

Extract archive in graphical environment or open Terminal, navigate to download directory and type:

tar -xvzf install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

Go to Iceweasel directory:

cd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

Copy file to plugins folder:

cp /<download_directory>/ ./


mv /<download_directory>/ ./

This will move file instead of copying it.

Thats it! Your Flash Player is now installed, you can see it under Menu>Add-ons>Plugins in Iceweasel.

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