Linux Web Zone CodeIgniter Series

Linux Web Zone CodeIgniter Series

CodeIgniter is a very easy to learn and easy to use PHP framework.

It’s not one of the greatest, but it has a huge community because it is a very popular among beginners.

You can use it for small projects but you can also use it for a large projects because it’s very powerful.

I used it for some large and demanding projects and it turns out that it’s a very good at it.

For more information about CodeIgniter, see following links:

CodeIgniter Homepage

CodeIgniter Community

CodeIgniter Documentation

You can download the latest version of CodeIgniter from official repository

Download CodeIgniter

Bellow you’ll see different levels of tutorials and a short overview of every lesson.

So, lets look what we’ll learn from these tutorials.

Starting with CodeIgniter

You will learn some common settings for CodeIgniter, how to load models, libraries etc.



Basic lessons contain basic operations with database



Intermediate lessons contain more advanced lessons where we’ll have some work with sessions, advanced database queries and much more

  • TBA


We hope that this series will be interesting to all people who want to learn how to develop a small project and use that knowledge later for more serious stuff.


This article will be updated with every change to existing lessons and on addition of new ones.

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