Make subdomain with No-IP

This will allow you to access your server with a subdomain so you don’t need to remember an IP address.

First you need to create account on No-IP website.

Second thing to do is to install No-IP Dynamic Update Client for which you can find instructions in article How to Install the No-IP Dynamic Update Client.

I’ll split this in two sections:

  • No-IP Configuration
  • Apache Server configuration

No-IP Configuration

Login to your No-IP account.

Go to Members section.

Click on Manage Hosts or Add Host if you don’t have any created.

On the picture below you can see what it needs to look like:


  • Hostname – Enter name you’ll use to access your server
  • Host Type – Make sure you select DNS Host (A)
  • IP Address – This will auto-detect your external IP Address

Click Update Host or Add Host, depends what option you picked.

With this, we finished everything with No-IP.

Now we go the apache configuration.

Apache Server configuration

You need to install Apache in order to work.

Check out our tutorial for LAMP Installation.


We need to tell Apache where the subdomain is showing so we can access it from outside.

Open Terminal and type:

From here you create domain and subdomains.

Create new .conf file. The best name for it is a name of that subdomain you want to use. That way you’ll know which configuration file is for which domain.


Enter following when nano opens:

  • ServerName – Name that you created on No-IP
  • DocumentRoot – Directory of the website you want to assign to that domain (In this case, /var/www will point to web server root)

Save and exit file.

Now we need to enable new configuration.

Type the following to enable file:

Note: This will disable default configuration

Note: This will enable file

And the last thing we need to do is to restart apache server to apply changes we made:

Now open your browser and go to subdomain you created, it should show your server page if everything went fine.

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