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No-IP Dynamic Update Client Configuration

This is used when you want to use subdomains for your server and you have dynamic IP Address. For No-IP Dynamic Update Client installation, check our article: How to install No-IP Dynamic Update Client For later configuration of DUC, you can find instructions bellow.

Make subdomain with No-IP

This will allow you to access your server with a subdomain so you don’t need to remember an IP address. First you need to create account on No-IP website. Second thing to do is to install No-IP Dynamic Update Client for which you can find instructions in article How to...

How to Install the No-IP Dynamic Update Client

This tool is used when you have dynamic IP address and you want to run web server for example. It will update your external IP address on set period of time and you can access your server with domain name which is much easier than remembering your external IP. You...